Stacer 429 Outlaw TS


Stacer 429 Outlaw TS

The Stacer 429 Outlaw TS comes ready to fish, with standard features including front and rear casting decks , rod holders , large side pockets and live bait tank.

To further enhance the package this boat has a large accessory kit factory fitted.

Added to that is a Yamaha F40LA and Stacer alloy trailer to complete this great fishing package.

All Buccaneers driveaway packages include QLD registration and Safety gear package

package features

  • Stacer 429 Outlaw TS
  • Yamaha F40LA
  • Stacer Alloy trailer
  • 5 person capacity
  • Live bait tank
  • Front and rear casting decks
  • EVO advance hull
  • Wide extruded side decks
  • QLD boat and trailer registrations
  • Full safety gear package

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