SeaJay 428 Avenger TS


SeaJay 428 Avenger TS

This SeaJay 428 Avenger TS is built on an Adrenalin hull for excellent ride, stability and control.

Fishing features such as raised casting decks with hatches, Bow mount plates, wide extruded side decks with rod holders, and plumbed live bait tanks just add to the appeal of these fantastic hulls. 

Packaged with a Yamaha F40LA and sitting on a Redco galvanised trailer this is an extremely attractive option for both new and experienced boaters looking for a great, reliable unit.

All Buccaneers driveaway packages include QLD registrations and safety gear package.

Package Features

  • SeaJay 428 Avenger
  • Yamaha F40LA with multi function tiller
  • Redco galvanised trailer
  • Front and rear casting decks
  • Bow mount plate
  • Plumbed live bait tank
  • Swivel seats (2)
  • QLD boat and trailer registrations
  • Safety gear package

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