SeaJay Nomad HS TS

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SeaJay 3.7 Nomad HS TS

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The SeaJay 3.7 Nomad HS TS is a popular choice for use in the northern rivers and estuaries.

They feature flat deck and gunwhales to make roof loading easy and to prevent damage to boat or vehicle.

With a factory recommended rating of 15hp, they are also super economical. But can also take a 20hp for a bit more power if needed.

Just add the motor of your choice to the SeaJay 3.7 Nomad HS TS and head off on that trip of a lifetime.

All Buccaneers driveaway packages include QLD registrations and safety gear package for 4 people

Package features

  • SeaJay 3.7 Nomad HS
  • Redco galvanised trailer
  • Front and rear handles
  • Rope shelf
  • QLD boat and trailer registration
  • Safety gear package

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